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Selected Works

My Mama

The Trial Room a The Irregulars art fair 2019

Winner | Trial Room Series

Bad Mama

The Balloon series

Summer 2020 and the bad mamma

Parenting is hard, Children are soft

Privilege 101

Balloon and Baby

Bad news

Futura Biryani

86% of people in Bangalore order biryani from a restaurant.


Zero% think that Climate Change is a myth.

100% of them think Policy changes are necessary to protect the environment for future generations. Yet here we are. 


There is so much disconnect in the above two statements from what people do and what they project as a generic blanket statement to be the right thing to do. 


Are they not thinking that the food they order comes in plastic containers? 


The problem is that we see things as separate and not relational


Hyderabadi Biryani is most popular amongst urban folks in Bangalore followed by Kolkata biryani. The core difference between the two is potatoes. 

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