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Rest Your Thoughts Here: The Gender Chronicles  is an ongoing repository of reflections on gender and sexuality. The project was conceived by Sandbox Collective, curated by interdisciplinary artist Deepikah Bharadwaj and supported by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller  Bhavan, Bangalore.

2021 started with the idea of notebooks and art-books making their way to people’s homes. Boxes with books, stickers and stationery that people used to create their art, jot down their thoughts, sometimes rant and rave, sometimes reflect and introspect on everything that constituted gender stories. 

Many contributors  poured their heart out to the gender journals that went around town collecting little nuggets of our collective experiences. 

A curated and collected gender journal, a chronicle of sorts is presented on the Sandbox collective website.  

REST YOUR THOUGHTS HERE: The Gender Chronicles

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