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Deepikah R B

Deepikah R B (born 1985) is an interdisciplinary artist from India. Trained in Communication design from New Delhi, she uses painting and installation art to express issues related to gender, self-worth, perception and conditioning. Her project “Trial Room” tackles body dysmorphia and social conditioning, and was exhibited at Gender Bender 2018 and then at The Irregulars Art Fair in 2019. She was one of the three selected residents for Fissure, curated by Shaleen Wadhwana at Virtual Nursery 2020 by Pollinator which culminated in an online exhibition as the project Sarv Satvik Rashtra | Atmanirbhar 2Q48 in January 2021. She recently curated a gender journal project for Sandbox collective and is working on a Creative Heroines grant received from the British Council.



OCAD University - Masters of Fine Arts.  Interdisciplinary Masters in Art, Media, and Design


B.A.(H) Communication    Design, Pearl Academy & NTU


B.A.(H) Communication        Design, Pearl Academy & NTU


12th Std CBSE Board,    Science, Amity International, New Delhi

Exhibits, Grants & Installations

APR 2023

TOO BIG TO FAIL First Year Graduate Showcase, Open Space Gallery, OCAD University,  Toronto, ON

DEC 2022

THE INCOMPLETE Speculative Fragments, First Year Graduate Showcase, Great Hall, OCAD University,  Toronto, ON

SEP 2021

FANTASTICAL BEINGS | Grant by The British Council (Ongoing)

APR 2021

REST YOUR THOUGHTS HERE | The Gender Chronicles 

Curated project for Sandbox Collective, an ongoing repository of reflections on gender and sexuality. See it here.

JAN 2021

SARV SATVIK RASHTRA | ATMANIRBHAR 2Q48 This interactive experience intertwines impending ecological fissures, growing fascism, ongoing pandemic and the overbearing frustration with the virtual only world. It invites users to interact with an imaginary food machine, the Atmanirbhar 2Q48, by asking them to pick their favourite dish. There is no correct choice in a world of errors, ambiguity and garishness. This project is part of Fissure Curated By Shaleen Wadhwana At Virtual Nursery 2020 By Pollinator. See it here.

FEB 2019

TRIAL ROOM 2.0 AT THE IRREGULAR ART FAIR | NEW DELHI An immersive installation that passes judgments purely based on your physical attributes. The judgments are brutal and sexist and stem from deep rooted societal conditioning. It aims to inspire body positivism, by creating an environment that does exactly the opposite.

AUG 2018


An immersive installation and a zine project based on real life experiences of women and explores  how our measures of ourselves are results of continuous and conflicting conditioning that often makes one doubt their sense of identity. 

NOV 2018

Aham Brahmasmi and “You are Here” artworks were selected to be exhibited.

JAN 2017

Designxdesign 20under35 | New Delhi | Selected for the 7th Annual Design X Design Exhibition 2017, showcasing the works of 20 emerging Indian designers. Created a 12 device installation to showcase varied works in motion.

JAN 2017

Museum of memories (group exhibit) | Bangaluru Museum of Memories was an artistic response to issues of gender, violence and equality and featured works of artists from across the country. Created 2 animated artworks that were projected on iPads as part of the show.

SEP 2016

Gender Bender 2016 by Sandbox Collective | Bangaluru,INDIA
Awarded the gender bender grant to produce “Bitch Please” which explored unstated self limitations we create for ourselves in our quest to be loved or validated through a series of videos. The project also explored how the society judges everyone and never uses the same judgement for itself or “Log kya kahenge” or what will people say?”

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Toronto / New Delhi / Bangalore


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