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Once upon a time Indian cuisine contained 2543 recipes and eight sub-cuisines.
This was rather inconvenient when you are trying to run a country of 2 BILLION people smoothly and feed and vaccinate all of them. From today onwards we are recognizing 6 dishes as national foods and those would be the only ones people would be allowed to consume. 


The Atmanirbhar 2Q48 will be installed in all homes to provide nutrition and Shuddhi for all.
Beware: There is a built in Shuddhi test in the machine. If anyone fails it. They would be extracted and declared Ashuddh. 



  • Purity Tests Inspired By Leila By Prayag Akbar Link 

  • Bhagwaan ke Pakwaan by Devang Singh, Varud Gupta

  • “My Life Is Not Guided By Reason But Ruled By The Inertia Of Habitual Motion,” “The Regularity Of Bourgeois Life,” and “The Great Derangement” By Amitav Ghosh 

  • Curry: A Tale of Cooks and Conquerors by Lizzie Collingham

  • The Story of Our Food by K T Achaya

  • “The Stupidification Of The Mainland” - The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness By Arundhati Roy 




  • Shudh: Pure

  • Nativity Score: All ingredients of the dish must have their origins in India

  • Vedic Score: Ayurvedic measures of satvik to tamsik are applicable to food. Tamsik dishes receive the lowest score while Satvik dishes are scored high 

Third Item

  • Articles

  • Statistics For Vegetarians In India Link

  • Population Projections Link

  • Vada Pao Origins Link

  • Biryani Stories Link

  • Honey Purity Test Link

  • Vedic Food Reference Link+Video

  • Wheat Is Projected To Be The Most Adversely Affected Crop Because Of Climate Change Followed By Corn, Soybeans Coffee, And Almonds. Rice Becomes Sterile If Exposed To Higher Temperatures And Produces No Grain Link

  • Hyperobject By Timothy Mortan - Science/ Philosophy/ Art: Link

  • Chennai Bakery That Wrote “No Muslim Staff” On Its Labels Link

  • Crop Endurance To Climate Change: Wheat Is Projected To Be The Most Adversely Affected Crop Because Of Climate Change Followed By Corn, Soybeans Coffee And Almonds. Link

  • National Nutrition Policy: Rations And Allotment Of Resources Is Controlled By The Centre Through Privatisation Of Food And Rashtra Poshan Policy (National Nutrition Policy) Link

  • Blood & Beehives: Culinary Ingenuity of the Marginalised Link

  • Prof. Pushpesh Pant: Lecture at TedX Link

Software/ Attributions

Software/ Attributions


If I have missed out something, please get in touch. Happy to fix

Artist Statement


Deepikah is an interdisciplinary artist based in Bangalore, India. Trained in Communication design from Delhi, she uses painting and installation art to express issues related to gender, self-worth, and perception. She decided to become a full-time artist after becoming a full-time mother in 2016. In the same year, her work was showcased across India at Gender Bender 2016 and later in 2018.  In 2019, she exhibited her work "Trial Room" which tackles body dysmorphia and social conditioning, at The Irregulars Art Fair. Currently, she is one of the three selected residents for Fissure, curated by Shaleen Wadhwana at Virtual Nursery 2020 by Pollinator which culminates in an online exhibition in January 2021. 


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