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The space story / Deepikah R B

This series of artworks was inspired by a couple of conversations about space with Jaya Ramchandani of TheStoryofSpace festival.


Can we measure space? This artwork was inspired by a webinar by Sundar Sarukkai about the philosophy of space. It implores, what is space? Can we measure it?

Bend the tea shop Inspired by artist Hojun Song’s work. Using tea as a metaphor for the universe being filtered through the space-time mesh. You are getting served a only a glass from the abundance of the universe. 

How much space do you need is a play on words and about the philosophy and politics of space. This artwork also explores the difference between need and greed.

You are Here: Ego, self importance and the universe. What are we and where do we stand in the universe? Just a speck.

Infinity train : ? Are you on the same train till infinity? Are you stuck in a loop? Do you stay the same everyday or the loop around the sun changes you?

Aham Brahmasmi : I Am The Universe The Indian philosophy about knowledge and wisdom often comes back to the same conclusion - you are and you have everything. I am the infinite reality. I am the brahman. You are.


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